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New Year's Manifestation

New Year is very important in Japan where I grew up. New Year is when everything is turned over and renovated. Whatever bad happened will be a thing in the past. It is also considered a good luck to dream certain kind of dreams in the first three days of the new year. The first night should be about Mt. Fuji (shown in the picture above), the second night should be about hawks (the bird). The third night should be about egg plants! (whatever that means!)

Anyway, obviously I did not have any dream of these things in the first nights of the new year, but instead, I woke up with a terrible tooth ache and a back pain.

The tooth ache came from my upper right corner inside my mouth. It was not just one tooth but the whole upper area. The back pain was on my upper left, right below my left shoulder.

The teeth ache went away fairly quickly but I suffered from this back pain for days (actually I am still in pain). It actually became worse a few days ago and I had to seek a quick massage therapy so I could move without a serious pain.

I had no idea how this happened and was wondering if I should go to a doctor. Then, all of a sudden, I got this inspiration (probably my spirits guiding me) that the back pain and the tooth ache were connected. Apparently I crunched my teeth so hard during my sleep on the new year's night, that it sprained my upper back.

I started wondering why I crunched my teeth so hard. I must have been stressed out. Yes, there was one thing that really bothered me that night. To make a long story short, before I went to bed, it occurred to me that all my future plans were based on certain conditions (that my husband will be around) then I realized that I shouldn't take it for granted. He could be gone for whatever reason. Then what would I do?

My husband is still around, he is relatively young and healthy, and we don't have any plans to leave each other soon. Yet, the realization that I should not take it for granted that he will be healthy and with me, and that there is a possibility that the things in the future may not go exactly as the way I envision, stressed me out and depressed me very much. What a start of the new year.

Then the following morning when I woke up, I swear I heard the keyword "crystals". All of a sudden I had this urge to start looking into making crystal bracelets. I don't know why; it came from nowhere so I figured it was another spiritual guidance I received. I had completely forgotten about this but years ago, I used to make (regular) beads bracelets. I had thrown everything away and didn't remember until now, as if it happened in my past life!

As my Akashic Records revealed, I am a crystal empath and have strong affinity to Earth. I have also enjoyed looking at and having crystal and semi precious gemstones. I love walking into these gem stores and feeling the energy. I especially love the quartz variety and I have had this decent collection for about 16 years now. I have always felt good vibes from my collection but now I think I am even more capable to feel them. It is probably one of the reasons I was guided to look into this now.

So, immediately in the new year, I started getting my tools ready and started looking into the stones I will be using to make bracelets. Of course not the regular beads but natural stone beads that I can feel the positive energies from, and obviously I am getting some spiritual help on which stones to purchase.

My plan is, within a month, I will be offering personalized crystal bracelets to my clients who get my readings. Based on my readings, for those who are interested, I will create a bracelet that will support them exactly I am going to do all this is still a project in the making. But I have a strong feeling that this will get done very soon and you will see the details on my website...Stay tuned!

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