Career and Decision Making Reading

Career and Decision Making Reading

This reading is for you if:


  • You are considering a career change
  • You have made a decision to make a change in career and want a confirmation about your decision
  • You are not fulfilled with the current job



  • You need to make a decision on something and you want to make sure it is in alignment with your highest path and soul purpose
  • You are wondering what options you may have in a situation that you are not happy about.


When requesting this reading, please explain your questions in the comment area.



Starting price is $50 but depending on the number of questions and contents, this price may vary.  The quote will be provided upon request.


The following portion of Akashic Record reading revealing your soul origin is also included (if previously not revealed)


(1) Your Energy Center of Training.  When you incarnate, your soul chose one or two energy centers (i.e. Chakra) associated to a realm in the Universe.  The energies from the realm are an important aspect that helps form your soul profile.


(2) Your Soul Group.  Your soul may have chosen a star system in the Universe as the first place of incarnation.    The soul origin has a significant effect in who you are and also dictates your life purpose as a soul.  


(3) Your Archetypes.  Archetypes are your characteristics and soul gifts that are not necessarily embodied by the Energy Center of Training or your Soul Group.  After many incarnations, your soul may have formed those personalities that you share in your life. 


(4) Your Primary Life Lesson + Three Secondary Life Lessons.  Each soul chooses many life lesson themes before they reincarnate.  These lessons are normally completed in 2-4 lifetimes.  I will reveal your primary life lesson as well as three of the secondary life lessons your soul chose in this lifetime.




***Required Information for the Reading***

Your DOB, Place of Birth (City and Country) and your full name at the time of birth.  Such information will be used as a "password" to accsess your Records.  Also a picture taken taken within the last two years will help me tune into your energy better.  


Please allow up to 1 week for the delivery of your reading.  The reading results will be provided in the PDF format.  You can ask questions after you receive your report.  There is no limitation to how many questions you can ask, but your questions must be relevant to the type of reading you ordered.



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Your order can be canceled only if the reading was not initiated at the time of your cancelation request.  Once any part of the reading is started, there is no cancelation.  Also no refund can be made even if you are not happy with the result of the reading.