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the Divine Purpose
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“If you do not know where you come from, then you don't know where you are, and if you don't know where you are, then you don't know where you're going. And if you don't know where you're going, you're probably going wrong.”

Sir Terry Pratchett, A British Author

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Akashic Record Reading

I will access your soul record and find out where your soul came from.  Akashic Record Reading lineup includes the full reading, or two half readings with a different focus (either current life lessons or earthly past lives).

Open Book

Intuitive Reading

I will channel your Spirit Guides to seek guidance in various aspects of your life, such as decision making, love, relationship and career, etc.

Candle in Hands

Spirit Guides Profile Reading

A Spirit Guide Profile reading will reveal the details of the beings that protect you and support you in this incarnation, some of them since before your current incarnation.  Recognizing their presence and energies will benefit your spiritual wellbeing and more.

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My Style

Having been a professional business person for more than two decades in this earthly lifetime (and even now), I have learned to be very realistic and pragmatic. As an intuitive, that is what may set me apart from others who may be all about everything spiritual and have their heads in the cloud. 

My approach is, yes we are all spiritual beings, but we all have to eat and live our human life here.  I believe the readings I provide should give insights to help you live your human life fully, with a feeling of fulfilment from your soul, but not to detach you and pull you away from the realities of your daily life.       

When I prepare reports for my readings, I try to be precise but to the point.  There is a lot of information found in the records but I try to extract what Spirits tell me matters the most to my clients.  

When I channel your Spirit guides, I try to approach them with a sincere desire wanting to help.  I believe that is why some of the clients are led to me because I may have built a reputation among some spirit guides! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Akashic Records?

Akashic Records are the energetic database of the whole Universe, written in a magnetic language of light.  Everything that has happened in the history of the Universe as well as all the histories, memories, thoughts, feelings of every soul incarnated in this Universe are recorded.   They are located in our subconscious minds and in a different dimension called the Akashic Plane.

What is reincarnation?

When we die, it is not the end.  Our soul will most likely incarnate again and live a different lifetime.  All souls born on Earth are here to grow through various life lessons we learn in the course of our life.  Our Planet Earth is a very unique place in the Universe where a soul can have a physical body.  We experience our lives here on Earth to learn valuable lessons, either physically, mentally and spiritually.

What can you see in my Akashic Records?

​The primary goal for accessing the Akashic Records is to provide valuable information which could assist you in your spiritual evolution.  Learning such things as below may help you sort out difficulties in your life or bring clarity to thought process.  

  • Your Life Purpose

  • Your Soul Gifts

  • Your Soul Origin

  • Your Past Lives and Lessons Learned 

  • Certain Karmic Relationships

 Is Akashic Records Reading a type of fortune telling?  Is it related to a certain religion?

No, we access the Akashic Records with our intension and use some intuitive abilities to review the purpose and history of your soul.   Although the concept of the Akashic Records may resonate with certain beliefs of some religions, it has no affiliation or association with any kind of religion whatsoever.

Can you read someone else's records other than myself?

Yes, only with permission of that person or, if you do not have permission, only the matters in that person's lives that were related to you can be accessed.

Can you look into my future in Akashic Records and tell me what would be the best course of action?

Although some futures are recorded in the Records, it is like a temporary file on your computer; it can change, depending on your or someone's actions or intensions.  Therefore I cannot tell what your future will be.  Also I or anybody, even your own Spirit Guides, cannot tell you what you should do, because you have your own free will and you need to be responsible for your own actions.  We can only tell you what choices you make may be in the alignment with your highest path or with your happiness.

Can you remove my karma?

I can look into your Records (e.g. past lives and life lessons) and see what may be causing certain difficulties in your current life, but that is to give you suggestions on how you may need to work on resolving such difficulties.  If you really have difficulties with a particular person, I may refer you to a cord cutting specialist.

How do you deliver your Reading?

I normally provide you with a report in PDF format.  If you prefer to receive the reading by phone or zoom, it can be arranged also.  I will still request your details and payment before scheduling the session.

Why is your service cheaper than other similar services offered elsewhere?

This is the kind of work I want to do to please my own soul and to stay on my soul's highest path.  I have other sources of income so I do not need to make a living out of my services.  I would like to be paid for the time and energy spent so I have an exchange of energy with my clients but I would like to be able to reach out and help people who need this kind of service at a reasonable price.

Why do you need my photograph, in addition to my DOB, place of birth and full name at birth?

Your personal information is used like a "password" for the records.  Sometimes not all the information is needed but a picture definitely help to tune into your energy, especially when I need to channel your spirit guides to get more guidance.

I had a reading elsewhere.  Can I get a reading with you?

I can read other parts of your Akashic Records but I recommend not to ask the same questions.  So, for example, if your soul origin was already revealed before, I recommend you go with it and give me that information so I won't ask the same question.  Otherwise, spirits may give us the secondary information, as they know you already got the information so they interpret your asking again as you need to get additional information, which may not be as relevant as the first one.

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All seems to agree with my understanding of my purpose of being here.  Such a privilege to have this reading from you.


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If you have some questions regarding a reading or consult about what kind of reading will be beneficial to you, please feel free to send me a message!

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