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Getting Spiritual Messages?

Many people have asked me how they can connect to their Spirit Guides or angels and get their messages.

I have always tried to answer HOW, and I have posted a few tips here too.

BUT before we get to HOW to connect to your spirit guides, angels or higher self, there is an important question.

Are you ready to receive the message?

The truth is, you don't have to be an intuitive to receive your spiritual messages. ANYONE can do it. But before you can do that, you must be mentally ready to receive messages. I think this is the point of view that is sometimes missing when we talk about connecting to our spirit guides, etc.

What do I mean?

From my own experience, I strongly believe that your mind must be very clear and open. If not 100%, there must be enough space in your mind to receive messages.

Years ago, when I first tried connecting to my higher self and spirit guides, I was advised to use a divination tool, namely, a pendulum. I followed exactly how I was told to do it, and yes, the pendulum did move, but I could not really trust what my pendulum was telling me at all. At that time, my mind was full of worries, self-doubts and wishful thinking. I was pretty sure that whatever messages I was getting were all affected and biased by my own thoughts and anxieties.

Now, I am usually free of any kind of anxieties or worries or expectations. Yes, I am still a human and I do worry about things sometimes, but over the years, I have learned not to worry about anything any more, and especially when I meditate, I can normally immediately calm myself down "to get into the zone."

This is what we call stillness. In order to receive spiritual messages, your mind must be in the state of reasonable stillness.

How do you achieve stillness? Well, it may take a while but basically you need to train your mind not to worry about stuff. Yes, we all worry about life, like job, money, family, relationship, etc. But think about it. At the end of the day, there are so many things that you cannot simply control by yourself. For example, you can run away from your abusive partner, but you cannot always change that person even if you tried. If you have done everything on your part, you just have to let it be. Everything else that is out of your control will have to play itself out.

It is ironic that many people who seek spiritual guidance are in an emotional pain or have worries or anxieties about something. But no, if you are mentally unhealthy, it is not possible for you to receive messages. So, even though it may take a while to reach that stillness, it is indeed the first step you need to work on, in order for you to really get in tune with your spiritual support.

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