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Psychic Diet

I have decided to write about this subject since I now find this very interesting: How psychic people eat.

I'd never thought of this subject much before, but recently I am more interested or I should say I am more aware of what I eat, just because I have been more drawn to some vegetarian diet for the past several months now. It is not that I don't eat meat but I eat much less meat than I used to.

At one time, I was trying to be on a low carb diet and used to intentionally eat more meat and protein, in place of carbs and grains. I used to enjoy eating steak, or sweet and sour pork at a Chinese restaurant every now and then, for example.

These days, my body seems to crave something else than meat most of the time. I find myself eating more fish, eggs, soy, rice or other grains, vegetables...and some fruits and dairy. I am Japanese and these are actually the staples of the Japanese diet anyway so I feel like I am back to the diet I was raised with anyway. If I feel like eating meat, I eat more chicken and less pork and beef. I do still eat pork and beef but somehow I don't enjoy them so much as before. Last week my colleagues and I went to our favorite steakhouse and I had a nice piece of filet, which I have always enjoyed before. While I still thought it was a good steak, I felt I wasn't enjoying it was much as I used to because it tasted "different".

I am not sure if this has anything to do with me being more psychic. Or maybe I am getting old and my body is going back to crave my childhood diet. I feel it may be a little of both.

Many professional psychics say what they eat do not affect their psychic senses. Most of the ones I have read about say they eat whatever available. Well, these Tibetan monks are supposed to be completely vegan and very psychic. So it may have some connection. But clearly, you don't have to avoid eating meat or animal products to be psychic or intuitive. Although, one of my teachers recommended to avoid certain food (like beef) before doing a medium work because digesting beef takes a lot of energy. She also mentioned that we may get more craving for carbs and sweets after doing some energy work, which I personally agree.

Personally, I have always thought appreciating all the sacrifices made to feed us, eating whatever is available and not wasting any food on our table are the least human can do to live with our sinful selves. Therefore I would not refuse to eat any particular food if it was offered to me and if it would be wasted otherwise. I am just interested in seeing how this interesting change in my general diet would take me moving forward.

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