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Coming back....

Not sure if anybody regularly checks in on this blog but if anybody does, sorry for the long absence! I went out of my routine when I went overseas in the middle of March. Yes, one of the benefits(?) of seeing the end of all the COVID-19 restrictions is freedom of traveling! As I have a "real" job as an international business person, I resumed my international travels again.

I have always traveled tens of thousands of miles every year for the past 20+ years - until the pandemic hit the world. I don't mind traveling and having always been an elite member makes things easier when traveling. But since the pandemic started, I hardly traveled and this was the first time I traveled such a long distance in a year.

This time, traveling reminded my physical body of the inconvenient truth about traveling a long distance; it is easy to call it a jet lag, but it is not just the time difference. I have been pretty good about sleeping and I never really suffered a "jet lag". Now I am getting older, I eat melatonin gummies as a precaution, when I travel. So this time I slept well too, but after coming back from a 10 day trip to a country where the night and day is opposite, I felt an unspeakable heaviness or grogginess in the body for the whole following week.

Then immediately after I started to recover, I had to travel to the east coast, which was made very difficult due to delays and schedule changes. By the time I came home for a while without any plans to travel again, I was really physically exhausted and had to sleep a lot.

Well, this is my excuse about being out of sync with my website. I did do a lot of readings in March/April despite so much time lost due to long distance travels and I continued with my regular routine of psychic training such as meditation. Over time I do feel I am making a progress with what I can do and what I can offer to others - not just with my intuition but I continue to get a lot of interesting real-life experiences which can be shared as insights in my readings.

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