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Hello Again

It has been a while since I posted my blog last time.

I have been taking orders when anybody finds me, but I stopped doing any advertisements so I trust that anybody who is lead to come to this site and requests a reading from me is really meant to be here. Some of the customers were referred to by someone else I have read before, which is very flattering too.

The reason why I have stopped being so active on my website is that about a year ago, I started my training in mediumship more intensively and I wanted to focus more on honing on intuitive and mediumistic skills. Akashic Record reading is quite different from mediumship so until I felt more used to mediumship practices, I wanted to cut down on my Akashic Record readings as well.

The difference between an intuitive and a medium is that a medium can connect to the human (or animal) spirits who have crossed over. Basically a medium can talk to "dead" people, so to speak. A intuitive may just pick on energies while a medium can actually communicate with spirits.

The training still has a long way to go; my teacher just mentioned the other day that most people spend literally "years" training on mediumship. She is a very well known medium and has trained many people over years but many of her students, some of who are also very successful mediums, spent 7 or more years training with her.

To be honest, I am not sure if I want to be active as a medium in the future. I do not have many loved ones who are on the other side so far, so my motivation was definitely not to try to connect to the spirits I personally knew when they were alive. I often question myself too, if I actually do have this capability to be a medium. Some people say, you are a medium or not. Mediums are not made. They are born mediums. During my trainings, we often do readings for each other, and I have connected some spirits of the sitter's loved ones, but I do still wonder if I am just *picking up* on the residue of the energies of that spirit person. My teacher never questioned me about that, so my assumption is that I do have a potential.

*My teacher disallows to use the word "pick up". Messages are to be received, not picked up :)

Anyway, this is where I am at, and for whatever the reason, I have been lead to continue working on this, so I do trust that I will eventually figure out exactly why I have been doing this. One day, there will be an "A-ha" moment for sure!

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