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How I was given inaccurate information

Recently, I did a reading for a client who asked me if there is any health issue she should be concerned about. I don't remember how I got this information but during the Akashic Record reading, I was informed by Spirits that she was a survivor of a certain disease. The message was so clear that I doubted myself, but I decided to deliver that message and asked her if that was true. The answer was no.

I normally have a lot of faith in the messages I receive during the reading but this episode really bothered me. So I asked my teacher Anna about this. "Why was I given wrong information?" "Shouldn't the Akashic Records contain all the information that has already happened in the current lifetime?"

Her answer was, Spirits do not give us information that is already known to the client because they already knew that she had that information. So, possibly, the answer I was given had happened in her past life or something that may happen in the future. Or, it is also possible that I was simply wrong, for whatever the reason was.

I also asked my own spirit guides why this happened. I received a vague answer such as "to prove to me I can be wrong".

One thing I am reminded about reading the Akashic Records is that it is not actually the same as reading a book or tapping into some database on your computer. We are not directly "accessing" the information as one may have assumed it. We, as Akashic Record readers, get help and support from Akashic Record Spirit Guides who show us the messages or information. We are at their mercy for what information we get. Although, I do believe there is always a reason why we are given certain information. Sometimes we are not completely clear why, maybe because it is all part of the Divine plan that we are not supposed to know.

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