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How to Start Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

I am surprised to see actually how so many people are interested in connecting to their spirit guides. I wasn't expecting to see this, because I, for one, used to be very skeptical of having my own spirit guides. Now I absolutely believe I do because I have seen them (with my mind's eyes) and I do feel their presence now. Now that I have done this reading many times for others, I know that everyone has their Spirit Guides.

But it took me a long time to be where I am. I think I first tried connecting to my Spirit Guides about 10 years ago, with a guided meditation. Many, many times. And I felt that I did get to meet them, but I didn't know how to receive their messages. My meditation guides would tell me to listen for their messages but I heard nothing. So I kind of gave up.

Yet, after all my struggles, it started to happen slowly. Things started popping in my mind, which sometimes weren't clearly mine. (Yes I am claircognizant.) But not during my meditations. I eventually realized that you may not necessarily need to consciously try to make a connection. Sometimes their messages or help will just come to you. All you need is to notice them.

For example, don't you start getting really great ideas in shower? Or right when you are waking up in the morning? I also get great ideas during my workouts. They are all signs of the spiritual messages you receive, whether from your higher self or from your spirit guides (by the way, they are not the same but they are all on the same team and they do have the exact same messages).

So, that should be a good start. You just need to acknowledge whatever message you may receive when they come to you. Your mind must not be busy, but relaxed, and completely open. And ideally, you are not making a conscious effort. Your brain must be in the "alpha state" which is in the same state as in a successful meditation. You know the saying, "the water never boils when you are watching it."

Eventually, however, you may be able to learn to consciously receive messages by mediation or by other methods. But the first step is to start acknowledging all the messages your Spirits are trying to convey to you in your daily life.

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Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
18 de nov. de 2021

Hi, I found your blog do a search for past life regression. I recently read a book Soul Contracts Decoded by Nicolas David Ngan and It has opened my mind to view my life completely different. I want to know when I am hearing from my guides and angels. I've been asking for it to be made known to ne in a way I will recognize it. I do love taking hot showers with love and gratitude for the life giving water and I do have good talks with myself in the shower. How do I know if its me or them? I always thought I had some moments of clarity. I want to know its them. I just wa…

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