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Is Atlantis just a Legend?

Atlantis was described by the Greek philosopher Plato more than 2,000 years ago. Most people believe it is a legendary island located somewere in the Atlantic Ocean. However, many Akashic Record readers including myself believe it really did exist. Why? Because I have seen a few people who have had some of their earthly past lives there.

Edgar Cayce, who is one of the most famous people who have introduced the concept of Akashic Records, also said Atlantis was for real. According to him, it was the first civilization that was highly technologically developed, that disappeared circa 10,000 B.C.

I was not very famliar with the concept of Atlantic and obviously never really believed in it, but I have already encountered a few people who have had some of their earthly past lives in Atlantis during my Akashic Record readings. That is why I started becoming interested in Atlantis.

I have not explored any of the details of Atlantic, but all these people I read for, who had spent their past lives there, turned out to be all very highly intuitive, and obviously Star Seed souls (i.e. their souls came from somewhere else in the Universe than Planet Earth). During these readings I felt that Atlantis was some kind of experiment by Star Seed souls who were involved in designing and developing Earth's blueprint, and that Atlantis was demolished on purpose because the experiment was complete. So, there is no way that anybody will find any ruins or traits of its existance; it was completely wiped out from the face of the Earth and it was intended that way.

Of course this is just my theory based on my intuition; I have not done any research or gained much knowledge about the island. But maybe one day, one of us will find out exactly what happened.

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