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Learning Astrology

I have not looked into this in the Akashic Records but I am pretty sure I have been a professional astrologer at least a few times before. Since I can remember, like since I was 5 or 6 years old, I was always fascinated with astrology, Greek mythology, and stars in the sky. I had several books on astrology and names of the constellations and memorized most of the contents. I knew everybody's birthdays around me and I could tell what kind of person they were based on my knowledge on the astrology. One of my talents I know I've had for a long time is that I somehow memorize so many people's birthdays. I can still probably give out more than 100 birthdays off the top of my head.

Eventually I lost interest though. Back when I was a little girl, I only knew the 12 Sun signs anyway. I didn't know anything about horoscope or astrological charts. And of course, there is so much limitation when you can look at only 12 signs. Over the years, I studied a little bit of Palm Reading, Feng Sui, and Lunar Astrology which I am also expert on. But I do not practice these readings because I feel they are much more limited than Akashic Records or Intuitive readings. These "fortune telling" modalities are normally based on the philosophy and statistics. I believe Akashic Record readings are supernatural readings and have nothing to do with statistics.

However, while I continue to study the metaphysical and spiritual world, all my teachers have brought up astrology in their talks. Everybody has their natal chart which is supposed to show "the snapshot of the heavens" when they were born. Everybody's chart is different and so unique. So I got interested in learning about it again.

Actually about 20 years ago I was interested in studying the horoscope and I got discouraged because drawing the chart seemed so complicated. But these days, charts come out automatically if you input all the data online, and for free! The natal charts can be ready in a second. So in an instant, I created my own chart as well as for my family and started looking at them.

Reading the chart is pretty tricky, but I learned very quickly, at least the basics - a lot of things I just knew already, from my old memories or it was very easy me to learn for whatever the reason. (That is why I think I was already an astrologer.)

However, as complicated and detailed as my chart was, I actually didn't resonate as much as I had expected. I would say 60-70%. There are some aspects that seemed amazing but there are parts that did not ring a bell at all. Same was for my family. There are some parts that sounded just right and other parts that made no sense. In any case, I was pretty fascinated at how each chart looks so different. Just by looking at how the planets spread and how the layout is so different for everybody are interesting enough. So I would like to continue to explore the world of astrology. There may be some more insights I will get if I go deeper. Maybe I will learn something completely new. Let's see.

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