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My Experience with a Distance Reiki Session

I recently received a distance Reiki session. It was not only an amazing experience but also I consider this a very spiritual connection.

Do you know what exactly Reiki is? A definition of Reiki is "a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being". Reiki is actually a Japanese word. I am originally from Japan, but I was not familiar with Reiki at all - as a matter of fact, I am sorry to say that for a long time, I thought it was some kind of cultic practice - probably because having someone's hands over your body to try to heal without even touching the body seemed very bogus to me in those days when I was not such a spiritual person.

However, I have tried once before - about 10 years ago when I was emotionally damaged and really needed a healing. At that time, it was also a distance healing. I remember lying on a bed during the time the session was supposed to go on, and after the treatment, the practitioner sent me a long message explaining what she saw during the session and her feedback, but to be honest, I didn't really feel anything and I did not feel like I was healed at all, although I wanted to believe it helped to heal. Maybe back then, I was not intuitive enough to feel anything.

Then why did I decide to receive another session this time? Well, indeed, it was out of the blue, but I feel I was guided to receiving it this time. Of course by my spirit guides a.k.a. Divine power. I had a different practitioner this time.

How did I find this practitioner? It was not a Google search. That, by itself is an amazing connection! He has his clinic in Kent, UK. I am currently based in Northern California.

Well, he contacted me to get Akashic Record and Spirit Guide readings. He did not Google-search me either. He was referred to me by one of his students of Reiki. This lady, who is also in the UK, found me on the internet and received my Akashic Record and Intuitive readings a few months ago. Apparently she gave him good words about me.

When he contacted me to get the readings, it occurred me that I should try the Reiki treatment again. I didn't think I needed any healing at that time, but somehow my guides recommended that we should exchange our services. So we did.

Even though I am much more energetically sensitive than when I received my first Reiki 10 years ago, this distance between UK and California made me feel a little skeptical. But, to my amazement, as soon as the session began, I started feeling tingling on my fingertips and then it spread to my palms and arms. It lasted until the end. So I am guessing they were like gateways to receiving his energy. I felt tingling on my feet too but hands were where I felt the strongest.

This tingling/vibration actually reminded me of the electric treatment I received for a sprain before. So I was thinking that Reiki must be the same concept - it must be the vibrating energy that treats the human body to heal.

We did not talk or connect during the session. But afterwards he sent me a message saying that my energy was rich and warm with colors of mostly purple. He had informed me that I might see various chakra colors during the session. While I did not see many colors, I did see some purple - like a violet color.

I am now completely convinced that the distance doesn't matter, it is all about intention and energetic connection.

Earlier that week, something traumatic happened to me at home (nothing too major) and I knew I needed a little healing. Now I see that it was such a perfect timing - it was part of the Divine plan I believe.

Overall, it was a very special experience and I am glad our service exchange worked out well. I really appreciate this spiritual connection we made.

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