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Spirits don't mess around

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Recently, I bought a new deck of Tarot cards and started exploring them. I was always interested in the Tarot, and even purchased a deck a few times before (and I couldn't even find them, I don't know where they are now!) but never had a motivation to spend time and effort to learn before. But recently, I started getting messages that it is time to start exploring. So I did.

When my order from Amazon arrived a few weeks ago, one of my children peeked inside the bag and told me that he saw a deck of Tarot and he wanted to see it. I said no, because I wanted to work on them by myself first. Last night, he asked again that he wanted to see my cards and at that time, I felt that I should let him. I also wanted to experiment a little. I am now much more comfortable handling the cards and I wanted to do a quick "reading" for my kids.

So, I shuffled the cards really well. I told them to think about what kind of advice they would like to get and choose one card. They just needed to point at one card and I would pull.

My 13 year old son didn't know what to ask, so we decided to get an advice for him in general. He pulled THE CHARIOT, in the reverse position. This means that he needs to be in control of his life, set a goal and focus on it. I thought it really resonated with him well.

After that, I was shuffling again and my youngest child was pulling his card. Then the 13 year old came back to me and said he wanted to pull again, probably because he was not happy with the advice he got.

And you can guess what happened. He pulled THE CHARIOT, in the reverse again!!!

We all bursted into a laughter, with "I told you so" kind of reaction but also simply in an unspeakable amazement.

Isn't it incredible? Normally there are 78 cards in a deck. My deck is a special one that has 80 cards. With the upright and reversed positions, there are 160 possibilities of meanings. To have pulled the exact same card and in the same position twice has a probability of 1 in 25,600 - that is about 0.004%! What are the odds of that???

I clearly felt that this was a Divine message that we should not mess around with the spirits, that we should all have faith in what messages they deliver to us.

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