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Have you received a phone call (or a text or an email or whatever) from someone you were just thinking about? It is not uncommon to see this happen because all humans have some telepathic abilities.

It has often happened to me, which always fascinated me.

Last week, I was talking about someone (let's call him Bob) with his supervisor (let's call him Steve) at work. I had probably not spoken directly with Bob for nearly a year and was wondering how he was doing. Steve and I were also talking about Bob's job assignment for the coming year.

I was absolutely shocked when I received a call from Bob first thing the following morning. How odd was that? For all these months, he had not called me nor even emailed me. I jokingly said "your ears must have been burning!" but I was pretty serious. And what he was calling about was exactly what Steve and I were discussing the day before. It felt as if Bob was eavesdropping on our conversation. The point of this story is that this is just one tiny example of what can happen to any of us any day.

Since I started taking clients on my website, my telepathic abilities seem to have been enhanced for sure. Sometimes right before a client contacts me, my head starts tingling. Most of the clients who request my reading are very intuitive themselves anyway, so I see it is completely normal that I start feeling their energies before I actually receive their physical message.

Even in my daily life, when I receive email messages at work, I sometimes feel the energy from that person, either positive or negative. This has started happening to me since I started to become very energy sensitive about 10 years ago. Since then, I have been very careful not to be affected by any negative messages, but also not to send any negative messages to others myself; when I have to type something unpleasant at work, even if I am upset or nervous, I work hard to keep that feeling out when I click "send".

On the other hand, when I want to send a pleasant message, I try to include a positive energy in my email. But most of the time, I try to stay completely neutral, as I feel it is best not to include any energy in my messages anyway.

There is no way for me to completely verify how the people on the receiving end are feeling, but I would like to believe my messages are received in a way that was intended.

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