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The Divine Eyes on your Palm

Do you have the Divine Eyes on your palms?

Yesterday this topic was buzzing in a blog community in Japan. I didn't know about this, but it sounds like it is something the palm readers see periodically. They call it the eyes of the Buddha but in Japanese, "Buddha" can imply something divine so I would call them the Divine Eyes.

Basically if you look at the palms of your hands and look at the joints at the thumb. The crease at the joint looks like an eye. They say that if you have this in your middle joint of the thumb, you have an intuitive/psychic gift. If you have this on both thumbs, you must be fairly intuitive/psychic. And if you have two more (at the base joint) on both palms, you are super psychic.

So this is my left thumb. I clearly have this middle one on both thumbs, and a tiny one at the base joint on my left hand. So I have three, or I should say 2 1/2?!

I found this pretty interesting because I had to check on g my family members' palms right away, and none of them had one. I do believe palms do reflect your your current life. They keep changing throughout your life too. Now that I am involved in this kind of work, it absolutely makes sense to me that I have these divine eyes at this time.

How about you?

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