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Where is My True Love? Does my Akashic Record tell me?

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

This is one of the questions I received recently.

When someone asks this question, I would like to ask, "What is the definition of True Love?" I assume when someone uses this kind of word, the person is referring to a romantic relationship. Sorry I am not so romantic, but being a mother, when someone asks me about True Love, I also think about my children....

Anyway, let's say this person was really referring to a romantic relationship.

In this current lifetime, it is likely that you can fall in love with someone and have a long lasting, loving relationship. Or that relationship can be short-lived but you may have had a really intense relationship which you may consider a true love. Either way, whenever when you meet someone in your life and have any kind of meaningful relationship, it in probably that you made that agreement before you incarnated this time that there are some life lessons to learn.

These life lessons may not necessarily positive ones. You may learn them the hard way. Also, you probably have many more relationships in your life, most of them probably not a romantic one, where you have chosen to learn certain life lessons.

You sometimes hear a story, like Romeo and Juliette, that they were not able to fully enjoy their loving relationship and they incarnate again to start over. I suspect it is highly unlikely.

First of all, I don't think it is very common that you keep incarnating again to be in a romantic relationship with the same soul. I do think it is likely that you meet the person again but he may end up being one of your family members. If your original life lesson did have something to do with having a romantic relationship with that person, and for whatever reasons, you did not get to complete that lesson, you may indeed get to start over in one of the subsequent lifetimes, so, I would not completely rule out that possibility, but I would say it is a very rare situation.

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