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Why I read Past Lives in the Akashic Record

I do my Akashic Record readings following the protocol taught by my teacher Anna. With this protocol, the earthly past lives are not a big part of the reading. According to Anna, she found that earthly past lives information is what her clients resonated with the least. Anna recommends getting Past Life Regression therapies if clients are interested in knowing their past lives and clear karma or trauma from their past lives.

In my Akashic Record readings, I actually do give much more details than what I was taught to provide in Anna's original protocols. Firstly because I assume people would like to know their past lives if their Akashic Records are accessed. I would, as a client. Secondly, I do think some of the information is useful and many of my clients, if not all, do seem to resonate with this part also, to some extent. Finally, I seem to have this ability to get such details to begin with. In fact, Anna's protocol does not require Akashic Record readers to have this ability in order to do the full reading. But from the very early part of my training, visions and knowing have often popped in my mind when I check clients' past lives, so I naturally started giving them out.

I do recommend past life regressions for people who need them and I have actually sent a few inquirers to that path. Especially when they seem to want to really feel them by themselves and get some healing therapies.

As a matter of fact, I have received a past life regression once. It was almost 20 years ago, when I was temporarily living in Europe. At that time, I was having a problem with a family member and I thought the problem may have come from a past life karma.

Jumping to a conclusion, my past life regression did provide me with healing, but it was not what I had expected. I was looking forward to revisiting my past lives, but I had a hard time seeing any vision. What little I saw, I don't think any of the visions was from my past lives. I remember that I kept telling my therapist, I didn't see anything, But she kept saying it was okay. When I thought I started seeing something, it didn't really resonate with me so much. But the process did surface some worries and anxieties I unconsciously had. And the therapist told me to just let these go. So, at the end of the therapy, I did feel a lot better.

At that time, I was also having a very strange digestion problem that doctors could not figure out, but something that was triggered from that therapy made me realize how it started happening, which helped cure that health problem. Therefore, overall, the therapy was beneficial.

After I learned to access my Akashic Record differently and without someone's help, I actually checked if what I saw in that regression therapy was a real past life. The answer was that it was not. I concluded that maybe I was not intuitive enough to see any visions back then.

About a decade after that, something else triggered me to get some past life readings from a couple of psychic/intuitive people. The episodes and details they told me resonated very much. I was not able to do anything about them and it was not a healing therapy, but knowing what kind of relationship I had with certain people or learning what may have happened eventually healed me mentally, so I could move on. Besides, readings were much cheaper than therapies!

In short, my conclusion is that I would like to continue to offer Past Life reading service for those who could use it as part of, or a beginning of, their healing process.

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