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A Psychic Attack or Spiritual Protection?

I often wear some kind of semi-precious stone bracelet. Normally for protection, or a boost of certain energy. If anything else, for a peace of my mind. I have a few different kinds. But the one I was wearing a lot last year felt a little tired so I was thinking about buying a new one for this year.

But as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, it was suggested by spirit that I should make my own this year. So right after the new year, I bought some crystal beads. I had lots of golden rutilated quartz; they were tiny but there were many of them and I wanted to use them all, so I decided to turn them into a necklace. I loved it; I added some clear quartz and some bigger golden rutilated quartz, as well as some tiger eye.

I had been wearing it every day since I made it and I loved the energy. I really felt protected.

Then, something weird happened a few weeks later. I was at a grocery store after work. It was not a good day; earlier in that day I had a problem with something I bought online and had to be on the phone for an hour, which, despite all that time spent, still did not get resolved. And that evening when I ended up having a shopping cart full of stuff, there was an announcement that the store's computer system was down that they could not accept any credit or debit card, but only cash. I did not have enough cash, there was already a long line at the ATM machine, so I decided to put everything back on the shelf and go home.

Of course I was upset so I called my husband and started talking to him as I went around to different isles putting at least the refrigerated things back. Then, I started walking by the casher towards the exit. The police cars started gathering outside and there were some people in the uniform at the exit. I guess they were there trying to make sure nobody is walking away without paying.

Anyway, just as I started noticing all that, I felt something strange around my neck and realized that my favorite neckless started falling apart and all these beads shattered on the floor. As you see, at that point, the whole area felt really weird - people lining up everywhere, people in the uniform and police cars hovering. I just felt danger and uneasiness so I just decided to walk out of the store and went back to my car.

I got home and I was still feeling shaky. What just happened? I didn't know. I tried to ask spirits and all I could figure out was that probably my neckless did protect me. I am not sure if it was a psychic attack or it was just protecting me from more bad things from happening. But I was very sad that I lost my favorite necklace. I asked the spirit if I should replace it but the answer was no. Somehow I was recommended to make some bracelets instead, so I did.

Actually this whole thing happened more than a month ago, but I did not post the story right away because I wanted to digest what happened.

Now, more than a month later, I started to realize the lesson I may have eventually learned this past month. I may have had too much faith in it, but that was wrong. I was content by just having these crystal beads around me. That was not good enough. Especially people like us, the intuitive readers, who are in and out of the spiritual realm all the time, need to be more mindful about protection. Just having crystals is not enough. I will write more about it in my next post.

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