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Akashic Record Reading for Children

Can you get a reading for children?

I say yes.

As a matter of fact, my teacher Carol said Akashic Record cannot be accessed without the person's consent, even if it is your own child; while my teacher Anna said it is okay for parents to get a reading for their children if it helps with the parenting.

I agree that parents can get a reading for their children if it helps with parenting and with their relationships. I may recommend not sharing the reading until when it is appropriate though, because it is important for a child to get a feel for his/her own life first before getting all the details of his/her soul history.

For example, I have read for a daughter (age 12) of my best friend a few months ago. But I only researched her energy center and her soul origin. I told my friend to wait to get the rest of the reading until she is older and wants to get her own reading.

I also read for a client's son who was 13 years old at the time. He was born autistic and the client had some difficulties dealing with him. I found that he was a star seed soul. Traits of souls from that star system made a lot of sense to the client.

Obviously, I have done the readings for my own children. I did not research everything yet but I found that two of my three kids are star seeds. It was very helpful to know this because these two boys always struggled at school for their behaviors and both have been diagnosed as having some ADHD.

I am not going to use their star origin as the justification for their behaviors, but as a parent, it certainly made sense to me. It was a relief to get the validation for their uniqueness.

Especially my 13 year old. I found him to have the energy center which features strong urges for communication. I also found his star origin to be rare, "Vega". Souls who originated from Vega are also said to enjoy being in a limelight. They like to get a lot of attention. All this realization led me to wonder if he can be more successful with his life if he is given opportunities to express himself in public. So, of course without telling him about his star origin or anything, I just suggested that maybe he could start broadcasting on YouTube. He was delighted with this idea and started working on it.

This is still a work-in-progress. He has just started getting his hands on this and we are waiting to see if he will really enjoy doing it and will be able to consistently work on it. But if this really leads to a more fulfilling life for him, I would be so grateful that I received this insight and guidance from the Akashic Record.

There may be a reason why some children are deemed "unique" or "different" in their current life. Many of them may came from a different star system and that may be why they are sometimes struggling; having a tough time fitting into their current life on earth. By having such understandings, their parents or guardians may be able to gently guide them so they can have more fulfilling lives.

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