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Akashic Record Reading is AWE-some

Many people (well, Americans) use this word, meaning something is excellent or wonderful. But as everyone knows, the original meaning of this word came from the word "awe" which means "a feeling of veneration inspired by the sacred".

When I say Akashic Record reading is awesome, I mean, it is really AWEsome in the sense that it really seems to reveal the Divine message for each soul.

I recently read for a wife of a co-worker. I have met her just a couple times over the years but the last time was probably more than 10 years ago, and I never knew her that well. But when I started doing my research in her records, her soul profile was really forming, to reveal what kind of person she was. I could really see her soul gifts and what kind of energies she brings as a person. I truly didn't know all that about her, but it was as if I knew her so well. I really started to get a feeling of "awe".

Later my co-worker was able to validate what I found out. He didn't seem so surprised (knowing he is a Blue Printer, he probably must have known deep down in his heart that Akashic Records could reveal all that!)

I feel that the most important and only reason why we can do this is our intention. I always set my intension to access the Records to help the world a better place, by awakening more souls to their spirituality. When I access the Records, it is for my highest good and for the highest good of all. It is actually part of our prayer to access the Records. It is such a Divine work to deliver messages from the Akashic Records and I feel the AWE with my engagement.

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