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Are You a Star Traveler?

Well, I have to admit. I first approached the Akashic Record Reading as I wanted to learn more about my own past lives. My definition of past lives was only limited to the lives here on Earth. At most, I had imagined that I may remember my life as an ape....but I had never dreamt that my soul was actually incarnated in another star system, somewhere in the Universe!

So yes, I am what we call a Star Traveler or a Star Seed. And it is likely that you are too, if you are reading this blog.

There were actually people who researched in the Akashic Records to find this out. The information was passed on and refined over many many years and by many psychic and researchers. As of now, I am aware that there are 23 groups of soul origins that are outside our Planet Earth.

Interestingly, the Records have also revealed that about 80% of the population on Earth had their first incarnation on Earth. We call them Earth souls. So if you go out on a street, most of the people you meet probably were incarnated here on Earth and their souls would not know the world outside Earth.

Some of the star traveler groups are very down-to-earth people, while others may have lived with a feeling of isolation, like they don't belong here. I was talking to my teacher Anna Sayce yesterday and she told me that some star traveler souls do have difficulty living here or in their physical bodies. It reminded me of my two younger sons - they were found to be both star traveler souls, and they have always been unique, or my husband would say, "insane" since they were little. They are very different but both difficult for parents to raise, in different ways.

So I started thinking, perhaps many children who may have hard time fitting into school or our normal human life, may be found to be star travelers. It cannot be true for everybody, but I suspect we may find many cases like that.

Anyway Anna has a lot of experience and insights about Star Travelers and she has written a lot in her blogs. If you are interested, you should read the articles, and of course you should get a reading with me to find out what your soul origin is!

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