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Contract with the Devil?

I was going to post something about this if the Buccaneers won that playoff game last weekend. Well, they lost, but I am going to put this out there anyway because it is an interesting subject. By the way, I am talking about American Football. Yes, I like watching football so I know enough to enjoy watching the games.

I wanted to talk about Tom Brady. He is so famous that even many non-football fans know about him. He is now 44 years old but he is still the starting quarterback for the NFL football team, and is still good enough to play in the playoff games. Despite his age, he is still one of the best football players in the league. He is already named a fall of famer, who has won the Super Bowl 7 times, and in 5 of them as the MVP. He is married to a famous super model and has two children with her, and he has another child with his ex-girlfriend who is an actress.

So, people have been wondering, "why is he so blessed with everything?" He is a successful football player, and has been for so many years. Because of his successful career, he must be very wealthy, and obviously has a beautiful wife and children. Basically, he is living a life anybody can dream of.

When I started watching the game this past weekend, the Buccaneers were losing. But then they started to come back and was getting their momentum. That is when I was going to say, "wow, Tom Brady must really have some Divine support!" My husband realized what I was wanting to say and said, "You mean he is blessed by Football God? Some people say that." I was wondering if he made a contract with a devil? Did he sell his soul in exchange for a good life?

In history, there are people who were said to have sold their souls in exchange for something. I am also taught that you could create a new soul contract like "in exchange for my success in this current lifetime, I will give up "xxxxxx" in my next lifetime", if you really really need to achieve something, although it is highly unrecommended.

So I was wondering, did Tom really do any of that? I looked into his eyes on TV and tried to tune in a bit. My gut feeling is, no, he did not. As a curious intuitive, I would love to read his Akashic Record and talk to his Spirit Guides. But, obviously, I do not have his permission so I cannot do that. So, this is all my guess. But my guess is that he does have a very strong and competent group of spirit guides. In order to maintain such a strong group of spirit guides for so long, one must be mentally strong and healthy himself and work extremely hard, beyond anybody's imagination. It is not something that anybody can do even if they wished. So, in that sense, Tom must be very blessed to have such an ability and potential.

In conclusion, anybody can probably believe or imagine, that Tom Brady must work extremely hard, sacrificing a lot of fun time or being a slack like most of us, and that after pushing himself physically every day, he also meditates and strengthens his mind and spirit, while showing his great appreciation to his spirit guides who watch over him and support him all the time. All his hard work has been paying off because of all the efforts he puts into it, and he deserves what he gets.

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