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How Good Business People are naturally intuitive

All successful business people are strong intuitives in that they are very claircognizant.

There is no doubt about this.

Claircognzance is an ability to "know" things. Things and ideas just pop up in their head. If that happens to you too sometimes, that is a sign that you also get the downloads of Divine guidance.

When it comes to making (often times, important) decisions, these people just get "feelings" whether they should do something or not. Of course, as a business person, they would have done the homework of analyzing all the facts and data. But sometimes, that is not enough to make an excellent decision that will end up in a success. Even when all logical consideration imply a good outcome, sometimes an intuitive CEO may overrule it, or most likely, tweak the plan a little bit instead of doing things exactly according to the logic and analytics.

Having been in a business world for many years, I see people around me like this all the time. One of my closest collegues gets his "gut feelings" all the time. Having worked with him for many years, I know he is right most of the times. I jokingly call him "phychic", but in my heart, I am very serious. (By the way he is an Earth soul so this is a proof that Earth souls can be a good intuitive too!)

People who use their analytical skills tend to receive information this way. Not only business people but also people in such profession as doctors, lawyers, professsors and engineers tend to be claircognizant. Also, writers, while they write artcles, they are likely to be tapping into their clairconizant ability. I am guessing that developing and using the left brain all the time naturally develop the claircognizance ability on the right brain over the years, to balance things out.

When I was younger, I was far from being claircognizant. My boss used to tell me to think about it by myself, but nothing came up in my mind, no matter how hard I was thinking. In the end, I used to always ask my boss for the answers. He would say, "do you really need me to tell you?" but then he could tell me in a second. It used to amaze me how quickly he could make such a perfect decision.

After my boss retired, I had nobody to approach for guidance. So I just started asking him in my mind. What is the best thing to do in this case? And I realized great ideas started popping in my head. I was using this trick for a while. Now I think about it, that was when I started learning how to tap into my intuitive abilities. My imaginary boss became a bouncing wall for me, and eventually I learned to do it without it. These days, I make my business decisions all the time by tapping into my intuition.

Now I am on the other side of the table; people often come to me for decisions and if I wanted to, I can tell them the answer in a second. Of course I try to let them think by themselves first for coaching purposes. Sometimes, when it is a difficult decision to make, I let it sit overnight, and normally in the following day, I seem to get what I call the divine download. I am pretty sure most other successful business people are the same way, whether they are consciously or unconsciously doing it.

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