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Maldec, a lost planet

Maldec (Maldek) was a planet once located between Mars and Jupiter. Some say it is a hypothetical planet, while others say it is the lost 5th planet, which now exists as the asteroid belt in its former orbit.

We, Akashic Record readers, are familiar with this planet because it is one of the origins of the souls we read for. As a matter of fact, I was told that my soul origin was Maldec. When I was first told that, it didn't resonate with me so much. But over time, I think I had some awakening and I have been slowly receiving the "knowing" of where I came from.

There are many theories as to why this planet was lost, but I believe in this particular theory that Maldacians (the souls that incarnated on Planet Maldec) were highly intelligent but very combative, and eventually their misuse of nuclear power led the planet to blow up into pieces.

This afternoon I was doing a guided Eidetic meditation. It is a meditation that goes deeper than usual; it is almost like a self-hypnosis. Thomas Edison was said to have routinely gotten into this eidetic state to receive creative ideas and inspirations.

I wasn't expecting nothing in particular during this meditation. As I have mentioned, I always enjoy any kind of meditation these days. But this time, I saw some interesting visions from when I was in Maldec. I did not know it at first but I started receiving some information claircognizantly. Maldec on the ground seemed like a dessert and pretty flat. There was no water. The Maldecians didn’t have a shape of a human body but they did have physical bodies. Basically they looked like "aliens" we may imagine. They did not have to eat, but they were getting energies from some kind of radiations.

I also felt that not all of them were combative. But they could not stop the destruction from happening. In that sense, it is similar to what we see here on Earth right now.

I saw Planet Earth in the night sky, and thought "oh, it is just like we see Mars and Jupiter from Earth".

Well, I could have been just imagining things (which my psychic teacher Carol hates to hear!) but I just found it very interesting that I had these visions.

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