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My Cool Experience meeting with my own Spirit Guides for the First Time

So, I've already mentioned that it took me many years to start being able to connect with my own Spirit Guides, at least consciously. My first real success was a very interesting experience that I would like to share with you here.

It was part of my intuitive reading course which I took after I completed the basic Akashic Reading course. Intuitive reading is more about connecting with the spirit guides and channeling information that way, instead of just accessing the Akashic Records.

The first step was to connect with my own spirit guides. I was to follow the guided (recorded) meditation by my teacher Anna in the process. I knew I had to find a quiet place and set aside some time for this, so I planned for it.

What was interesting to begin with, is that as soon as I knew when I was going to do it, I started to get a feeling of excitement and joy, which didn't feel like my own. Indeed, I felt like my guides were getting really excited to see that I finally got around to doing this. I had this sparkly feeling all day the day before.

And finally, during the meditation. We are all supposed to meet our guides in a designated meeting room. It doesn't matter where it is, or what it looks like. My teacher said she normally meet them in a regular conference room. So that is what I was expecting.

But when I opened the door of the meeting room, to my surprise, it was a Japanese ryokan (traditional inn) room, with a tatami floor, and a beautiful ocean view outside the window. My guides were sitting on the tatami floor with a low table, drinking a cup of green tea.

Of course they were all smiles and offered me a cup of tea too. It felt like my whole "family" had been waiting for me to come home for a long time, and they had been really, really excited and looking forward to it. And they all welcomed me with a strong feeling of warmth and compassion.

Obviously, this was nothing I had expected. Yes, I am Japanese but I had not been to a ryokan for a while, and I was just expecting to see a regular western conference room just like my teacher taught. Besides, I wasn't even sure if my connecting to the spirits was going to be successful this time. So I was very happy that I was so successful; I was actually able to get their messages, and see who they are. In a beautiful, traditional Japanese style room. It was so cool. And of course since then, I have no problem connecting with my own guides an I do that quite often these days to get a daily guidance.

When I channel my client's guides, I do normally meet them in a regular conference room which is easier. But it is not always the case. Sometimes, when I open the door of what I expect to be a conference room, I am somewhere else interesting. For example, when I met the spirit guides from someone from Singapore, somehow I was on the top of the Marina Bay Sands, which is a famous hotel in Singapore with a swimming pool on the roof. I have never been to that building but somehow I was. Or I met another client's guides in a rocky bank of a mountain spring. I don't know why, it seems to happen completely spontaneously, but I find it really cool to meet someone's spirits outside of a regular conference room.

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