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Past Life Regression and Future Life Regression

In general, I have always enjoyed learning and I know I will never stop learning. Especially, the world of metaphysics is so vast that there is always something to learn. I would also like to keep honing on my intuitive skills and abilities. As part of my spiritual journey, I have been taking more courses of Dr. Carol Nicholson. Her courses never cease to amaze me because they are so comprehensive and thorough, yet, importantly, they are very affordable.

Her courses are full of exercises and meditations. Dr. Nicholson is also a certified hypnotherapist and she has recordings of a past life regression and a future life regression exercises included in her psychic clairvoyant course. As I mentioned in my previous post, my first and only hypnotherapy was not very successful in regards to accessing my past lives. So, I did not have high expectations, but by following the recorded session, I believe I was able to see exactly who I was in the immediate lifetime before this one.

In that life, I was a young man in England. I think I was only 22 years old or so when I was killed in the battlefield during the WWII. The most clear vision I had was when I was putting on my uniforms and getting ready to leave. This explains at least partially, why I always feel connections to England and I have always felt some special sentiment about WWII.

On the other hand, I was skeptical about my future life. Yes I tend to be skeptical about things until I actually can see it myself. Future is still yet to happen. How do I know if I will even reincarnate? Personally, I am not too crazy about incarnating again on Earth because life seems to be getting harder and harder to live here. But I guess it is all in Divine order and souls have to follow what we are meant do be.

As recommended in the recording, I just went with the flow. And guess what? It worked. I did see what may indeed be a possibility for my next lifetime. In my vision, I saw myself as an American doctor, working somewhere in the very poor area of Africa, helping the local people. It seemed completely different from my current life now where I have my family and a normal job. In this future life, I chose to live in a harsh condition, at my own will. I was single, and completely devoted to helping the people in need. I knew it was not a past life because I was familiar with the advanced technologies in my vision. I felt it is very likely to be my next life.

So, I was once again proven that it is possible to see both the past and the future, if you set your intention. And it didn't have to be so difficult or expensive to do so.

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