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Spirit Guide Readings and Channeling

I really enjoy meeting my clients' Spirit Guides.

When I was first learning how to do it, my teacher said it is like learning a new language; it takes a while to become proficient at it.

I don't know why but this skill came naturally to me since my first try. I never had difficulty doing it, and trust me, it does make me wonder too. Really, me?? I'd never dreamt of being able to do this 10 years ago!

My strongest intuitive ability is Claircognizance. When I do anything intuitive, I just "know" things. Information literally downloads in my brain. But when I channel Spirit guides, I am also very clairvoyant; I can normally see how they look like too. Usually, they reveal themselves to me one by one. I tune into one energy at a time, greet him or her, and start asking questions. It is indeed like a business meeting on behalf of my client.

When I ask questions that the client had asked, we often "talk" about what would be the best for the client's happiness and highest path. I simply ask, how about this? How about that option? I should never disempower the client by setting out a definite direction to take, but often times, the best course of action does get clarified after exploring different options.

What makes me happy is when I leave the meeting, the spirit guides all seem content. I can often see them smiling. They are delighted and sometimes relieved that someone has finally reached out to them to deliver their messages to the client, who may not be consciously aware of their messages.

Seriously, I believe I am now building a reputation among Spirit Guides as an approachable, sincere channeler of their messages. Because often times I feel the client was spiritually guided to get my reading. I would like to remain humble, and continue to work for the highest good of the client and the highest good of all.

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