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What qualifies you to be a psychic

When building a website using Wix, which I use, one can choose a website theme. I picked something like "spiritual business" as my theme. Then, Wix would build a website template that is normally used for that theme.

So, with "Spiritual Business" theme, Wix came out with some pages about the services offered, including mysterious pictures, as well as a page to explain about yourself.

It was so funny that the "About Me" template already had some text that sounded pretty credible - I don't remember exactly what it was but it started with something like "I was always a sensitive child and I could see spirits growing up". If I didn't change anything about that template, it would still look like a real website offering spiritual services. Of course, if you were to use the whole template as is, it would be completely a fiction. But I found it interesting how things like this can be made a template. Reading the "about me" template made me realize that it is very common for people who offer such services to "have always been very intuitive" all their life.

Do you have to have been a sensitive, intuitive child who saw spirits all the time to work as an intuitive/psychic reader? Or, also commonly, do you have to have had a near-death experience?

Of course, you don't have to! There are may intuitive and psychics who are neither of the above examples.

When I read Akashic Record for my clients, I find that some of them are very intuitive, sometimes by a soul origin and sometimes they have the archetype of Intuitive, which means that one of their soul purposes is to use their intuitive abilities to help others or for a good cause. But of course, not all of of them are or will be in the intuitive/psychic business. On the other hand, others who do not have either (like me) are sometimes in this business of intuitive reading (well, for me, only part time).

I do wonder how I ended up doing this though. I wonder why I do it now but not before. When I was in my early 20s, when I was very interested in developing my abilities, it didn't go anywhere. So I eventually gave up. Years after that, this time around, everything came very naturally to me. I know my abilities started "brewing" many many years ago, but this time, it all happened very quickly; I started reading for others before I knew it.

So, I have to say that it was my spirit guides or something Divine that led me to do this, and it had to be this right moment, but somehow, not before. And because of this personal experience, now I do believe that everybody who is led to this path, regardless of their past or experience in this lifetime, can be in this business. How it happens is a mystery but one thing for sure is that we are all here to help other souls and we all work for the highest good of the universe.

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