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Do You Believe in Karma?

Do you even know what Karma means? Karma is the law of cause and effect. It is a belief that every thought, word, feeling, action and deed that you send out into the Universe will return to you. This is the law of Universe.

This is obviously a somewhat religious concept from the East, like Buddhism and Hinduism, but there is a saying in the West too, such as "What goes around comes around". Whatever you do, it will come back to you.

So what does it have anything to do with the Akashic Records? Basically if you intentionally do harm as a soul, your karma is recorded in the Akashic Records and you will have to face the consequences at some time in a future life. It doesn't mean you will get punished, but you will be given an opportunity to correct and balance your soul's progress.

So if you are aware of some negative karma that you are carrying, the first step is to acknowledge this and take the action to correct it if you can. Try to do something good.

You may have had a karmic relationship with someone you know in this lifetime. You may not know what it is but you feel that there was some bad energy between you and that person. Or, perhaps, on the contrary - you might have had a good feeling when you met someone. That person and you may have had good and productive relationships in the past lives, so you may have agreed to meet again in this lifetime.

One of my reasons why I got interested in learning the Akashic Records was that I wanted to know why I have certain feelings towards certain people even if I don't know those people well. I have yet to find out in my Records to see what kind of karma we may have had in the past lifetimes.

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